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Pre-departure preparation
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:D Ideal

smart phones

:( meh

plz type in on ur tablet/computer


:D smooth



:/ flickers/long-loading-time
for best experience, plz use other browsers

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Operation in 📍crazyuniverse

two fingers scroll up

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click and drag


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Crazyuniverse requires your permission to play sound and video.

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⚠️health & safety

Crazyuniverse on Safari contains flashing visual patterns and may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Participant discretion is advised.

alternative: take a smooth trip using other browsers.


Crazyuniverse includes mental health related contents and may potentially trigger stress, confusion and existential crisis. Participant discretion is advised.

alternative: travel in Crazyuniverse 1.0

Take off

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🔇without sound

safe trip ;)

about Crazyuniverse


Crazyuniverse, created by Yifan He @mzhyff,is part of Margate NOW 2020, made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Kent County Council, Thanet District Council and South East Creatives.


Crazyuniverse utters political anxiety mixed up in a style of the technological sublime.

Crude 3D objects, images containing too much/little information, and soundtracks in different languages are all colliding, merging and evolving into something else that is part of a nearby self.


Crazy-universe is glitches, blurs, crashes, and out-of-controls. There is no need to elevate sheer technological possibilities(chaos) from the banality. You will be bored eventually.


Here, in this realm of splendid mesh, travellers are destined to be overwhelmed and disorientated. You may find burnt race-phobia newspaper fragments wrapping around hollow planets. You may hear an AI expressing relatable existential crisis. You may as well be bewildered by the automatic stare of a ‘shallow-faked’ old picture of my-7-yrs-old-self, who was, in the audio, encouraged to make 2 birthday wishes.


Take screenshots.


The excessiveness in expression recognises the uncertainty and multiplicity of realities unfurled in various political and personal experiences. I hope this expedition to Crazyuniverse will plant a destabilising seed in you when you move on to many other journeys in life, with your striving minds, with your screen-dried eyes, and your heart that is forever channelling through the chaos, listening for 1 resonance.

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Extremely offensive materials used (burnt) in Crazyuniverse are intentionally left out in the list below;

Materials credited in the list below may or maynot align with the artist's opinion.

Special thanks to Wenhua Yang and Eeva Polo for one kindly kept most of the family recordings and another patiently corrected all the mistranslated French.

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